Plastic Horror - Our Future

“A whale dies after eating 80 plastic bags, weighing 8kg in total, leaving it impossible for him to eat any food”

“Sea turtles can mistake floating plastic garbage for food. They can choke, sustain internal injury and die — or starve by thinking they’re full from eating plastic.”

“The plastic you use once, tortures the oceans forever.”

Plastic, a man-made material, poses a deadly threat on our earth, being the reason for an extravagant amount of marine life tragic deaths. By 2050, it is estimated that there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. Plastic is a growing monster on our world and without realising, plastic creeps into human life’s and onto our dinner plates. It is estimated that we consume at least one sized Lego brick of plastic per week.

Within my images, I have focused on re-creating the tragic marine life stories but through the perspective of a human. Swapping the roles, I wish to break the barrier between animal and humans’ experiences. 

Shooting digitally through black and white, my photographs explore the claustrophobic experience of having plastic constricted against the body, morphing the figure into gritty grotesque positions. We need to act now, before our future is consumed with horrors.