Lost in Translation

How do we find comfort in both real and virtual spaces? Which elements or artefacts are lost in the process of manifestation, where something digital becomes physical and vice versa? Do we need protection from this sense of loss of reality?

This project started by trying find the boundary line between the flatness of two-dimensional design and the three-dimensionality of real space. I am interested in the rapid development of our digital world as a representation of reality and if a sense of place, or comfort, could ever be provided in the virtual space. In trying to find a material, human quality to express this rift, I chose to use the material and emotional softness of a blanket as the intermediary between these two spaces.

The work at present exists in two halves; a photograph superimposed digitally on a ‘blanket’ and a digital photograph printed on a physical ‘blanket’. A photograph inherently forces a flat representation of a 3D space, and so the photographic mesh exists as a reminder of this process, giving form to the image.